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Can't afford to have us handle your site registration? Do not waste your money or time on so-called "mass registration spiders" (or ineffective software) and wind up with poor results in the search engines. Take advantage of "Site Promoter", a revolutionary new piece of software that that we use that...

1. Guides you through picking the right keywords and descriptions in its "tutorial"!

2. Takes the information that you input, and prepares the submission exactly the way each search engine wants it.

3. Automatically takes you to the location so you can submit your website to the top 150 search engines.

Your description will never get cut off in mid-sentence and you will end up in the right category because Site Promoter knows what each engine wants! To capitalize on the huge traffic potential of the top 150 search engines on the Internet using Site Promoter go to:

Deciphering all the rules of each of the engines can be a chore. Revolutionary new software called Site Promoter guides you through picking the right keywords and descriptions in its "tutorial", takes the information that you input, and prepares the submission just in the way each engine wants it - helping you submit your website to the top 150 search engines, indices, and directories.

Site Promoter knows the rules and guidelines for each search engine (the programmers of the software spend all of their time monitoring them) ensuring that when you submit your website, you'll get the best positioning and boost your site towards the top of the list!

I will say that again... it is so important. "Site Promoter helps you rank in the top 10 by helping you prepare your site data exactly how the engines want it, including site titles and descriptions."

Until now, the only way to get high-end promotion for your website has been to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with Site Promotion professionals. Site Promoter was created by Webster Group International. They use this proprietary software to facilitate the promotion of their clients' sites… now you can get professional strength promotion for a fraction of the price.

All you do is point and click and fill in the blanks!

Okay, so I am sure you get the point of what Site Promoter does in essence, so let's talk about some specifics:

Net Copywriting Tutorial. The key to good site promotion is writing site content, site titles, descriptions that are rich with your keywords and key phrases. Site Promoter guides you step-by-step to create powerful copywriting that gets you top placement.

Enter your site information ONCE for all the search engines. Tired of typing the same information in for each form, on each engine? Enter the information once and the wizard-like layout of Site Promoter automatically fills in all of your data on the search engine submission form. And it picks the information that exactly matches the rules of the engine. It picks the exact number of keywords, the exact length of your descriptions, and answers all the questions on all of the forms for you.

Site Promoter automates the process of registering your site on 150 of the most popular search engines - it will register you with the Top 50 Search Engines and the Top 100 General Business Search Engines.

Keywords are crucial to a successful website promotion. Not only does Site Promoter guide you through picking all your keywords, site titles, and descriptions, but by clicking on "calculate", it counts the number and percentage of keywords. This ensures that every word in your description counts, boosting your site to the top of the list.

Okay, you must be asking by now, "What doesn't it do?". It seems to do everything, doesn't it? The only thing I recommend is to get a copy of WebPosition. I really believe they work as a "team". As a matter of fact, I think one company should buy out the other and package them together. By getting both WebPosition and Site Promoter, you have an unstoppable team of software that will get your site listed in the top of the search engines and allow you to monitor the results with a push of a few buttons.

Which engines did you submit to? Which ones still need to be done? Which engines will list your site immediately? These and many other questions are quickly answered with customized reports, which assess your site promotion effectiveness and organize your awareness campaign.

You may be thinking "But some companies advertise cheap prices or even FREE services. Why should I spend the time promoting my own site when I can have them promote it for me at a low cost or for free?"

You control your strategic information to assure the best possible registration. Personal control is not attainable on "mass" registration services. These services send out only one set of keywords, site titles, and description to all the search engines. Sometimes you will find that your keywords and descriptions get cut off in some search engines, and other times, if certain criteria and rules are not met you are not submitted at all with certain engines. Another problem often encountered is that with these registration services you cannot choose the best category or categories available for your listing (choosing the right category can be crucial to your customers finding your site), and this is just for starters!

Site Promoter solves all these problems. It submits the right description length, allowing you to register the longest site title and description permissible by the engine, without worrying that your message may be cut off mid-sentence or edited and rewritten - and it is all accomplished automatically. You could not hope to obtain this quality with cheap or free listing services!

More importantly, with Site Promoter you are prompted on how to write effective keywords and descriptions, instead of merely providing an automated placement service with keywords and descriptions that may not best utilize the sorting logic of the targeted engines. This crucial information provided by Site Promoter helps boost your site towards the top of the list. This translates into increased visits.

Click here for a screen capture of Site Promoter "walking you through" the process of picking keywords and key phrases.

How does Site Promoter boost my site toward the top of the list?

Each search engine employs different criteria to determine how the sites are indexed, sorted and displayed. Site Promoter provides a tremendous resource of the criteria, rules, and guidelines for submitting to each of the 150 engines. Site Promoter links directly to the detailed submitting rules and guidelines on the engines automatically matching your information with the required criteria. With Site Promoter, you can submit with great efficiency keywords, descriptions and site titles that exactly meet their rules. The "Net Copywriting" module of Site Promoter focuses on writing powerful keywords and descriptions. The on-screen tutorial clearly explains all of the techniques you can employ in developing the information you submit. Site Promoter guides you while you write, tabulating your keywords and key phrases, and calculating the quantity of your keywords and key phrases which comprise your message, assuring that every word counts.

It's tough keeping track of all the places you've submitted to and when you made your submission. With a single click Site Promoter creates a report of which engine you submitted to, the date and time of the submission, which description you sent, approximately how long it took for the submission to appear, and more! Then you can follow up with WebPosition to see where you are listed under a selection of keywords you choose, and keep monitoring your positioning with a click of a button.

Click here for a screen capture of Site Promoter "walking you through" the submissions to the search engines:

Don't waste time trying to learn the rules of 150 different engines--- Site Promoter knows the rules for you.

It uses the same professional techniques which experts use in the "battle for the top" of the list. Keywords are automatically emphasized by the program, which pushes your site towards the top. Site Promoter does it all for you.

Use Site Promoter over and over for multiple sites of your own, all of your clients' sites, or for submitting multiple pages within your own site. No need to pay additional fees to submit more than one URL. With Site Promoter, your promotion possibilities are endless! You could even submit your friends' and associates' sites and charge them a fee to make some money, "on the side"!

Save hundreds of hours and get the same great results as experts and consultants who charge $600 - $800. It is simple, fast and easy… Site Promoter transforms a tedious job into a quick task.

It couldn't be easier! It automatically generates all of your site data, exactly matching the submitting guidelines for each search engine, including helpful tips for registering.

Search Engines rules and criteria are always changing, new engines come online, others fade away, and links are constantly changing. You'll be able to download the latest updates making sure you are always reaching new people with your purchase of Site Promoter -- you get one full year free upgrades with your purchase.

The best thing is that it is, in my opinion, cheap, cheap, cheap… $149. It is worth hundreds of dollars, not to mention the profits you will make by using this tool to get more people to your website, which in turn may sell more of your product. Besides, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

How would you like to start Promoting your site in the next 5 minutes?

Within the next 5 minutes you could be promoting your site with this amazing software! Yes that's right, within seconds of receiving your order our computers will automatically email you download instructions and your own unique registration code - everything you need - so you can being promoting your site immediately!


By far, the easiest and fastest way, is to click here to order it via a secure server. Just seconds after receiving your order, we will automatically email your registration code and download instructions to you. And within 5 minutes you can begin promoting your site on the internet with Site Promoter.

Or, feel free to contact one of our representatives at our office by phone at 1-604-730-2833 between the hours of 8am and 4pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Or if you prefer you can click here to print out an order form to fax or mail in (we will email you the software within 72 hours of receiving your order).


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