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Let Content Guide Design

No amount of fancy graphics can compensate for a site without meaningful content or for a business that can't track orders or deliver on time.

i-Commerce Solutions generates content by holding one or more brainstorming sessions with our clients. The result can range from a few pages to thousands! Get your team together and decide what you want on your site, and we'll help you put it together. Then you have a choice of writing the material yourself or having one of our trained professional writers do that work for you.

Our initial "STRATEGY SESSION" with you is ALWAYS FREE! and usually answers lots of the questions people have about what it takes to put up a Web site. Call 802-659-0144 or email NOW to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER!

For more ideas about the development of your content, check out our Six Keys to Content in our tips section.

Once you have the content, we draw up a site map. This is like "storyboarding" and keeps everybody from going crazy during the development process. A site map shows where every bit of content is located. It is used not only to detail information and other components, but also to track how the user will navigate through the site.

The more complex the site, the more important this step—and DOZENS more in the process we use— to get your site done on time, and within your budget.

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