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Registering your Domain Name

Already ready? Enter your name, select suffix (.com, .org, .us....) and press Go.


Want to know more first? Read on.

Registering your domain name is the process of creating and registering a name and address for your presence on the Web - yourname.com. This becomes your site's Universal Resource Locator (URL) and when preceded by "www." it is your Internet address.

Your domain name provides the link between the computer your web site is hosted on and your customer's browser. It is vital that your business has its own domain name in order to appear prominently in a search engine. Otherwise, your site gets buried on the back pages when your potential customers are searching for you.

Which domain extensions (top-level domains) are available?

The following top-level domains are available:
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .ws
  • .us

What do .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .ws, and .us represent?

  • .com - ("commercial") The most common extension for domain names. Often represents companies or for-profit organizations. Most personal Web sites also use this extension.
  • .net - Generally represents Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • .org - Usually represents non-profit organizations or groups.
  • .biz - ("business") Reserved for use by businesses.
  • .info - Made for both businesses and individuals. Usage is unrestricted, but a .info TLD indicates that the Web site primarily is informative.
  • .ws - (Web site) An all-around, universally available top-level domain.
  • .us - Country-code top-level domain available for registrants in the United States.

There are a number of different registrars out there, and competition is fierce for your business. We have made arrangements to provide this service to you at bargain rates as low as $11.00 a year. When you use this service you will be prompted to create your own username and password that you will be able to use to manage your name. Be sure to store these where you will be able to find them, a great deal of time may pass before you need to use them again.

When you register a domain name you will be given the option to choose the Domain Name Servers that manage your name. Usually the servers of the company registering the name will become the default names and addresses, and when you set up hosting you will need to make a change request. i-Commerce Solutions can save you time and effort by allowing you to use the names and addresses of our hosting service. These will be in place as you register here.

Of course you may put any other Name Servers for any hosts you might prefer. And they can always be changed later.

Tips for creating a domain name:

The name can be a maximum of 67 characters, including the last four which will be most likely be .com, .net or .org. Your domain name may contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens. A hyphen may not start or end the name.

Though domain names can be up to 63 characters long, some versions of Netscape will not open pages residing on domains over 59 characters. Therefore, 59 characters has traditionally been the practical limit for savvy Webmasters.

Describe what you want to tell people about your site, then compress it into 55 characters. Some sources say that separating keywords by hyphens will help raise your listing in some search engines.

You can get excellent help coming up with a name by using the DynaGen Advanced Search Tool that generates domain names automatically. When you get to the registration page enter your best guess for a name. At the next page you will see a link in the lower right hand corner of the box that links to the DynaGen Advanced Search tool; click that link. At the next page just enter a few words that best describe your site separated by a space and click continue. Then look through the list of names generated that are available and select the one or ones you like best.

Even if you are years away from building your site your should register your name NOW!

A recognizable domain name is crucial to your business identity and people have been known to register domain names and resell them for millions. If someone else registers the name you want you may not ever be able to use that name.

Click here to register your domain name now.

Managing your domain name.

Avoid frustrating delays when publishing your web site by making sure that your current e-mail address is always listed in the domain name registration information. Your e-mail address is the default method for authentication that most registrars use when you want to update or change your registration information.

The server checks your e-mail address against the one that the domain name was registered under. If they don't match you will not be given access to your site. If you change your e-mail address, be sure to add a new e-mail address to your registration by using the one you registered under before you close that older account.

Or better yet, select password authentication and store the user ID and password on your computer and make a printed copy for maximum security. This will allow you to manage the name without concern if you change your e-mail provider.

When you use our service you will create a username and address that will allow you to manage your domain name without reliance on your e-mail address. This can be a real life saver if you change your e-mail address in the future.

If you can't come up with a suitable domain name, i-Commerce Solutions can help you out. If you are ready to register your domain name click here to go to the form to enter your name.


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