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Business level hosting services

We have all seen the low ball hosting options available on the web these days. We had a customer change to our hosting from an outfit that charged $7.50 per month. Why? Service was impossible and server speeds slow.

We got into the hosting business after going crazy with the various problems we were having with our clients sites. We wanted:

  • solid stable Cobalt servers in a safe clean room with fully redundant infrastructure.
  • multiple fast connections to serve broadband users (multiple international OC3 connections, multiple Tier 1 carriers)
  • plenty of memory to handle complicated applications like Actinic Catalog and Business
  • ftp access to ease the process of updating your web site
  • individual CGI-bin's so you can use programs as you choose
  • e-mail accounts you can set up without calling someone
  • The security of an advanced Class A data center - co-location facility with 24/7 monitoring and support
  • All at a reasonable price

So we established a relationship with FiberCloud and are able to offer fantastic service at only $25 per month, paid annually. Since then, web hosting has been a breeze! Don't waste your time or risk your reputation with the false economy of a cheap hosting program. Host with us and rest easy. Call us today for caring personalized service; 802-659-0144.

i-Commerce Solutions has been in the web building and hosting business for nine years and enjoys the confidence of our customers, gained by careful and personal attention to their business needs.

We also provide your own cgi-bin directory, MS Front Page extensions, and MySQL database with PHP support.

You account will be on a server in a state of the art data center featuring multiple levels of physical security, redundancy, and connectivity. With fault tolerant power sources and redundant routing configurations, we provide Class A reliability and scalability for any enterprise.

The links to the internet provide fast and reliable service. This network includes fiber trunks from multiple vendors entering and exiting the building on diverse routes to ensure true redundancy. Ranging in speed from DS3 to OC3, the network configuration has been designed to eliminate bottlenecks and minimize latency and packet loss.

Forgive the technical talk, what we are really saying is that we have considered the benefits and risks involved in hosting and planned for them to provide you with worry free service. We can provide you with business grade web and e-mail hosting for $25 a month, paid annually.

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 Call 1-802-659-0144 for more information and pricing for your project.

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