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Basic Search Registration

When a new site is launched, it must be submitted to the search engines (also called search engine registration) so that when people go searching for a topic they are interested in, that site comes up in the search.

Without doing this, it takes MUCH more time for word about a new site to spread, and it is up to the site owner to actively promote a new site as much as possible. (Take a look at http://www.i-commercesolutions.com/tip_21_tips.htm for ideas on how you can begin doing this NOW, while your registration is in the works.)

Initial site registration is a painstaking and thoughtful process that is really difficult to do unless you know what you are doing and where to do it. It takes us 5-6 hours to prepare the information to use and submit to 16 top engines. We will competitively key-word your site based on researching your competitors and how they show up in the search engines. Site titles and descriptions of varying lengths suitable to each engine are prepared and submitted, along with lots of other information about your site. Some of the major search engines (specifically Looksmart, Snap-NBCi and Yahoo) have begun charging site owners to "index" their site, at $99 and $199 each. We do not include these without the site owner's direct agreement.

We have some pretty sophisticated software that we use to accomplish this, and even given this - and our experience and knowing how and where to do this - it's still a difficult chore. Our charge for this initial service is $250, and you don't want to launch a site unless this part of it is in place. It generally takes 2 weeks after registration for a site to begin showing up in an engine, and some of them can take two months, but you will definitely see results that you wouldn't if you use one of those automated submit it to every search engine from... well, you get the idea.

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