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Introduction to e-Commerce

In this section we introduce you to the key elements required to successfully do business on the Internet. Security requires the ability to accept credit cards and personal information so that they are not accessible to anyone else. This feature alone increases sale by up to 90%. Some customers are still wary of security breaches so be sure to offer other options like snail mail and phone ordering to create a feeling of confidence.

Don't forget that this is still a business and order fulfillment is a key issue. Many solutions to selling on the web do not take this into account. The merchant is left trying to run a business using only e-mail orders, which can be tricky to manage. While you are looking for a solution that satisfies customers don't forget to meet your own needs. We have found one product that bundles all of the following elements into a single package. Our customers who used other solutions prior to upgrading to the Actinic products are very impressed by the completeness of this approach.

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