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During Production your project will be in a secret location so you can follow along with and partake in guiding the process. Just as with building a house much work is done before you see much progress.

We first prepare a style guide. This keeps track of your code, language and style elements. It includes:

  • Code conventions
  • Page weight maximums
  • Color palettes
  • Editorial guidelines
  • Original sketches and mock-ups

As you move into the hands-on phase of web development, follow these steps:

  • Schedule milestones - break the project up into digestible chunks so that progress can be monitored and bottlenecks identified as early as possible.
  • Coordinate teams - hold regular meetings so that every member stays on the same page.
  • Perform quality testing - use a focus group, friends, family, anyone you trust to give you feedback on the site.
  • Reposition ASAP - as soon as you see the need to change something, do it right away.

Other checks and balances - Make sure that <META> tags are in place, test pages for cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility, check links and edit copy.

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