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Hosting Fees, what do they buy?

Hosting fees can be thought of as rent for your site. They pay your location on a Web server which includes

  • telecommunications connections
  • computer servers
  • backup facilities
  • other services that insure the dependability of the site
  • hosting secure certificates
  • programs like CGI, Java and support for multimedia

The Web is awash in hosting options. Prices range from $7.50 to several thousand dollars a month. Be choosy and carefully investigate what you are getting. Every minute of downtime is lost revenue.

When you host your site with i-Commerce Solutions you have one number - ours - to call for everything regarding your Web site.

i-Commerce Solutions has been in the web building and hosting business for four years and enjoys the confidence of our customers, gained by careful and personal attention to their business needs.

We also provide your own cgi-bin directory, MS Front Page extensions, and MySQL database with PHP support.

You account will be on a server in a state of the art data center featuring multiple levels of physical security, redundancy, and connectivity. With fault tolerant power sources and redundant routing configurations, we provide Class A reliability and scalability for any enterprise.

The links to the internet provide fast and reliable service. This network includes fiber trunks from multiple vendors entering and exiting the building on diverse routes to ensure true redundancy. Ranging in speed from DS3 to OC3, the network configuration has been designed to eliminate bottlenecks and minimize latency and packet loss.

Forgive the technical talk, what we are really saying is that we have considered the benefits and risks involved in hosting and planned for them to provide you with worry free service. We can provide you with business grade web and e-mail hosting for $30 a month, paid annually.

Call 802-659-0144 to get started, or send us

We know the ins and outs of our servers. This will save you money and time when we are programming interactivity into your site.

You can get free sites if you are willing to subject your customers to a barrage of advertisements. Many ISP's include a Web site with their accounts. But you get what you pay for and when your e-business becomes successful, heavy traffic can crash a server.

There are services where you can build your own electronic store and hosting is charged monthly by the number of products. Our customers have found these to be cumbersome and difficult to manage and have been much happier with a solution like Actinic. With Actinic you can make changes and manage your sales on your local computer using brief connections to the Internet to retrieve orders and post your changes and additions.

You will find our hosting options among the best and our prices very reasonable. See our hosting services page for details.

We recommend that your hosting be capable of supporting Broadband. While analysts typically agree on the definition of what a broadband connection is - DSL (digital subscriber line) and cable modem connections at speeds of 128K bps or higher - they disagree on the pace of broadband penetration. According to Jupiter Media Metrix Inc., 36 percent of U.S. online households, or 28.8 million, will connect to the Internet through broadband in 2005 compared with 9 percent, or 4.8 million, in 2000. Others are more bullish. Forrester Research Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., estimates that 64 percent of U.S. online households, or 46.7 million, will have broadband connections by 2005.

A report released Aug 09 2001 by Parks Associates predicts that 10.7 million US households will have broadband Internet access by the end of this year, up from the current figure of 8.6 million. Furthermore, one-third of US households are interested in upgrading to broadband services within the next 12 months.

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