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At i-Commerce Solutions we are very proud of our work. Here are a few of our sites and a little information about each of them.

Non e-Commerce Sites.

This site, our very first, is in its third upgrade. Originally built for $5,000, today we can do it for significantly less. www.vebjorn-sand.com

We are very proud of this site featuring an application to help people plan parties. A great help for pary planners. www.alexanderpartyrentals.com

This site was designed it to celebrate Dick's Drive In Restaurants, Inc. 50th Anniversary. It has over 12,000 visitors a month. http://www.ddir.com

This site promotes one of our artist's services. www.brickfishcreative.com.

This clean but simple site built on a budget of $500.00. We can do the same for you. www.singercenter.com

A Japanese interpreter owns this fun, creative site www.hennagaijin.org as well as her professional site. www.japaneseinterpreter.com

e-Commerce Sites.

This site is a consistent moneymaker for a client we've worked with over several years. http://www.downfactory.com.

This beautiful site displays fabric arts, teaches crafts and has an attractive shopping cart all dedicated to silk. www.silkthings.com.

This company wanted a low cost e-commerce site so we used the freely available paypal.com shopping cart. www.seattlemattress.net

If you are in Internet Explorer or Netscape 6 you will see a sampling of our sites in the column to the right. If you use an earlier Netscape browser you will see a link to our portfolio, which will take you to a page we created just for you.

You do not really need to know this, but we wanted to show off our ability to accommodate as many people as possible without cheating them of some of the fun their browser can deliver.

What do you think? What do you want to do with your web site? Call us. We will pay for the call. 802-659-0144

-----Original Message-----
From: danbasham
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 7:31 PM
To: Maiyim Baron
Subject: New Web Site.

Dear Maiyim and John,

Thank you very much for making the new web site sparkle. Because working with you on the first web site was such a pleasure, when I needed to make a change, I looked forward to working with you again. In the future, when I need to make another change in my web presence, you will be the ones I call.

Thanks and Best Regards,


"I am soooo glad I had you spruce up the website. The idea to put sound at the beginning of every page makes the site entertaining. Now I can send people there with confidence."
John Cove, Portland, OR




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