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Gateway Options

You will have to decide if you will process credit card purchases off-line, or have the processing take place across the Internet in real time. There are various payment systems available to suit your needs.

Off-line Processing
Using Actinic Catalog's built-in encryption, you can securely download your customers' credit card information and process the payment off-line, using the merchant terminal you already have. Our customers that sell higher ticket items most often prefer this method as it allows them to verify the validity of an order before beginning the process of collecting funds

Online Processing and Payment Gateways
are preferred by companies that sell lower priced products. Payment gateways are companies that verify an online customer's credit card details and perform the actual charge in real time. They provide a web-based interface for your transactions and provide information on the validity of the transactions.

Make sure your e-commerce solution integrates easily with your gateway choice. Actinic, our preferred e-commerce solution, easily integrates the following payment gateways:
Cardservice International
Internet Secure
Planet Payment

If you are using or plan to use Intuit's QuickBooks for your bookkeeping, consider using QuickBooks Merchant Account Service. This processing method gives you more flexibility (for example, you can accept credit card payments over the phone) and enables you to download your payment transactions directly into QuickBooks. However, using this method also means that you, as the user of the merchant account, have full responsibility for safeguarding against fraudulent transactions. To help reduce the amount of fraud, the QuickBooks Merchant Account Service performs an address verification check for each credit card transaction by comparing the customer address you enter with the credit card bank records.


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