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Processing Sales

Many people forget that e-commerce is still commerce and consequently run into all kinds of problems fulfilling orders. One of the sources of these problems is that with most systems available today the merchant receives an e-mail of the order from the web site. If you have one or two orders this may be no problem. But when the site is generating a significant number of orders e-mail becomes unmanageable.

In most cases you will need to verify the validity of credit cards including funds availability, but will not be able to capture the money until you have shipped the product. You need to think about how your are going to manage orders that include backordered products including keeping track of which items have been paid for and shipped.

Nothing will destroy you reputation faster than bungled orders.

This is an area where Actinic excels. You can use the built in order management features that manage all of these areas. If you already have software set up to manage your orders you can export your orders into your existing software using built in export features.

Actinic will even print packing lists and invoices, generate reports for pick-lists, backorders, and inventory management. Don't be caught short by too much success.

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