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It's important that you realize that online marketing will most likely be part of your business for many years to come, and thus you should integrate it into every aspect of your traditional marketing programs. Here are 21 suggestions for doing that.

1) Put your Internet address and email address on your letterhead, stationery and business cards as quickly as possible.

2) Include your Internet address and an invitation to visit your new online site in your next brochure, sales letter, or even billing statement.

3) Use your next printed ad to announce your new online presence to your existing customers, or at least include the address in every new ad you run.

4) Send a special invitation postcard to your current list of customers to invite them to visit your online site and send you an email telling you what they think.

5) Place a table-talker display at the reception desk or checkout counter of your business where all customers who visit your physical location will see it.

6) Create a special "take one" display with a business card including your email address and Internet Web site address on it and place it in a high traffic area of your physical location. Put a special offer on the card that can only be redeemed at the online business.

7) Hold an Open House for all your current customers to show them your new online business and explain how it will help them save time, money or hassles when they use it. Everybody loves a party or a grand opening gala.

8) Put your Internet address on the signs in your windows and on the exterior of your business.

9) Add your Internet address to your billboard advertising.

10) Mention or show your email or Internet address in your radio and television advertising.

11) Put your Internet address and email on your order forms and put an online order form on your Web site!

12) Put your Internet address and email on your product packaging.

13) Get vanity plates for your car with your online business address, or put it on the license plate frame. You won't believe how many people will ask about it!

14) If you do a lot of your traditional business in a small geographical are, do a mailing or hand out door hangers with your new Internet address on it, and the benefits a customer will get from using it.

15) Incorporate your next promotion or contest into your online business. For example: "Find the clues on our new Internet site."

16) Create coupon offers that are only available on your Web site that people can print off and bring into your store. It's a great foot traffic builder that's easy to track - there's no doubt that your customer found the coupon on the Internet.

17) Add your new Internet address to the signs on your company vehicles. Set up an email hotline and post that there too, if you're a plumber or electrician or in any other business that responds to customers in a pinch.

18) Include your Internet and email addresses in your next yellow pages ad. Use a different color ink to draw even more attention.

19) If you have a roadside location with lots of windows, paint your Internet address on the windows facing traffic.

20) Print your Internet and email addresses on your shipping labels.

21) Print your Internet and email addresses on your checks.

Pick at least seven (7) of these tips for using traditional marketing tools to promote your online business. Integrate them into your marketing plans ASAP, and watch your Internet business GROW!


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