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5 Key Success Strategies

Key #1 - Be consistent.
Why reinvent the wheel? If the look and feel of your traditional business is working for you, transfer it to your e-business. Create an identity that your customers feel comfortable with whether they are in your store or on your web site.

Key #2 - Know your audience.
Create a profile of your ideal customer. Don't be afraid to be specific. Some of the biggest successes are sites that appeal to a narrow but very passionate market niche. Gear everything on your site to that ideal customer.

Key #3 - Stand out from the crowd.
Some e-businesses try to do this with dazzling effects. The best way to get your customers' attention and keep it is to offer something your competition doesn't.

Better pricing? Better service? The latest product information? Choose whatever suits your business. You could offer on-line only discounts, free information, free demos or faster service.

Key #4 - Combine traditional & online marketing.
Online marketing is not yet a stand-alone operation. Traditional methods are still essential to building your online business. Take a look at Integrating On-Line Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Key #5 - Get to the point!
You've heard it before. Large graphic files are death to your traffic flow. On the web, even a 10-second download can strain a visitor's patience. Keep the graphics quick, make navigation foolproof and keep the clicks to a minimum.

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