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Once a site has been up for a few months and we all have more ideas of what is working and what needs improving, we find it is usually time to tweak it for the search engine ratings by changing some of the wording both on the visible page and in the tagging and coding behind the scenes. We have a number of diagnostic programs we use, and then tools that help us to know exactly how to optimize a site and improve its ratings.

We run comparison studies on competing sites, analyzing why they get the results they do and making changes in your site to outrank them. The "alt text" boxes that pop up when a graphic is moused over may need to be more specific. Key words in the initial text that the search engines "spider" may need to be added or changed. The descriptions that are served up when a search engine returns a list of sites based on a viewer's search may need rewriting to really pull visitors into your site rather than your competitors'.

We also inner pages "doorway" pages for a site, that are each designed for the specific requirements of the individual search engines to bring more people into the site. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. We make sure all of the elements of the page are coordinated to present your information in such a way that both people and software-robots are satisfied.

Investigating and adding links to other sites that relate to yours is another effective way to improve your rankings.

The cost for web-positioning services is $480, and we usually recommend it be done at least every six months. This service can really help keep your site ranking well when people are doing a search for what you offer. If you have other maintenance issues that come up, we can help you with those too.

If you want more and are willing to pay $500.00 a month we can introduce you to someone who has proven results.

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