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Design with your audience in mind.

Find out who your market is and tailor your site to their needs and lifestyle. Don't get caught in the trap of designing for your friends, family or potential investors.

Color is a good way to set your tone:

  • Youth market - bright colors, active typeface, upbeat language and lots of multimedia.
  • Conservative market - deep blues, black and white. Keep the background neutral, avoid bright colors and fancy typeface.
  • Luxury market - tones of black, silver, gold and copper.

You can cheat a little here. Look at other sites and at ads in the print media. What are successful companies in your niche doing in their design? They spend big bucks on market research. Check them out and see if they give you any ideas.


  • Your control over text fonts is limited because there is a very thin overlap of fonts across various platforms and versions of operating systems.
  • There are only 216 colors that have been standardized across web browsers and they look substantially different on different monitors. Click here to see what colors are safe for the web.

i-Commerce Solutions uses advanced coding procedures to overcome these limitations and create layouts that work with as many browsers and computer types as possible.


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