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Actinic e-Commerce Solutions

i_Commerce Solutions is proud to be a Gold Parnter with Actinic.Actinic offers complete, affordable solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses to easily design, build, and manage online stores. Actinic's products incorporate all the components of an e-commerce site - including a comprehensive product catalog, electronic shopping cart, encrypted security, and online order processing.

Sophisticated, yet easy to use! Actinic e-commerce solutions are full of sophisticated features including a full range of themes and designs that you can readily adapt to meet your business needs. It is easy to set up and maintain, and we can help train someone in-house to do it. This powerful, yet easy-to-deploy software solution offers a range of features and functionality to build, design, and manage a sophisticated online store - at a fraction of the cost of other e-commerce systems.

Simple, yet secure! Actinic Catalog and Business operate from the traditional Windows desktop environment for easy and rapid access AND offers encryption options and the superior security your customers demand.

Affordable, yet powerful! Actinic provides a value-priced solution designed to grow with any business, easily supporting over 10,000 products.

Actinic Catalog
Actinic Catalog includes a product catalog, a shopping cart, online ordering and payment capabilities, advanced security, and order processing features - all within a single, turnkey solution that can be customized with a range of design and theme templates This is a powerful, feature-rich solution to support business-to-consumer (B2C) initiatives. (click for features)

  • Create a catalog of products to sell online
    Products are arranged in a hierarchical listing which can be created and edited manually or by importing data from another application or database. Product listings can be modified to include colors, sizes and/or add-on components in any combination you desire.

  • Design the site's look and feel
    The online store can be built using any of the more than 25 design themes and 50 color schemes built into the software. All design templates are fully customizable, so developing a unique site is readily accomplished with a minimum of HTML knowledge. Actinic Catalog also allows the store to be viewed in Preview mode, so the site design can be reviewed as you go, without taking time to upload to the Internet.

  • Easy to Set up Web configuration
    Actinic Catalog's Network Configuration Wizard steps the user through the setup for the Web server settings. The user needs to provide a minimum of input to complete their network configuration - the Wizard will take care of the rest.

  • Publish the online store to the Web
    With the click of a single button, Actinic Catalog publishes all the files necessary to run the online store right to the Web server. Subsequent updates are just as easy and take even less time - only changes to the store are uploaded

  • Process orders
    Actinic securely downloads orders directly to your desktop, generating all the documents necessary - packing slips, invoices, backorders - to process online sales. Order information can also be exported to other applications your company uses.

Actinic Business
Actinic Business equips small- and medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive solution to quickly, easily, and affordably extend their business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) operations to the Web (click for features) by including all of the features and benefits of Actinic Catalog. Additionally, Actinic Business offers several business-to-business features, such as customer account management, customized pricing schedules, and inventory monitoring.

  • Create a catalog of products to sell online
    With Business you can modify your product listings to include colors, sizes and/or add-on components in any combination you desire. ODBC linking keeps the online store files up-to-date with external applications.

  • Enable customer accounts and pricing schedules
    Customer accounts can be set up so that you can accommodate your individual customer's special pricing or discount needs. Multiple billing and shipping addresses are possible for each customer. Complex pricing schemes or quantity-based pricing are also easily achieved.

  • Keep stock reports up to date
    Actinic Business's stock monitoring capabilities keep you informed when items sold on the site are running out. Combined with ODBC linking, the user can keep inventory reports synchronized with external applications.

  • Design Custom Searching for your Customers
    Actinic Business's advanced search features make it very simple to create point-and-click searching to assist your customers in selecting the products they need without endless browsing.

We have developed substantial expertise in applying unique custom designs to this product to seamlessly integrate this powerful program into your existing site.

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