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Search Engines

Search engines are the bug-a-boo of web publication. Each engine uses its own method of sorting and retrieving information. And lately, search engines and directories have blocked submissions from well-known software submission programs. i-Commerce Solutions now registers all sites by hand.

When surfers enter keywords into a search engine where does the engine look to find them on your site?

  • The title of your site
  • The words contained in the description you provide to the search engines
  • The words which appear within the HTML on your site as either text or within <META> tags

What kinds of words should you use to attract a search engine's attention?

  • Key words - single words that define your product or service, like housewares or auction
  • Key phrases - groups of words that alone are too broad to produce a focused search such as "business," "plan," and "software" but when strung together bring up a site on business plan software.
  • Relational keywords - words that describe your product or who might use it. For business plan software, including the phrase MIS tools might bring up your site when a Management Information System administrator is looking for your product.
  • Internet ethics - Some people try to trick the search engines by using words that don't relate to their sites, such as weather or free, to get a larger number of hits. This just wastes the visitor's time, generates inflated traffic and incurs negative public reaction.

Each search engine (there are hundreds) has its own rules about registration.

Some lists permit only a maximum of 30 characters while others allow up to 175 words.

i-Commerce Solutions manually registers web sites on the web's most powerful search engines, Internet directories, indices and lists. We stay abreast of all the developments and frequently update your keywords to keep you at the top of the list. See our Basic and Advanced Search Engine Submission pages. Or you can do it yourself with this professional tool.

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