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6 Keys to Content

Key #1 - Don't limit your potential
The reason most businesses set up web sites is to generate sales. But there are many other ways to affect the bottom line. Your web site can be used for generating leads, customer service, technical support, product testing and research. These can all be done online less expensively than by traditional methods.

One of the best examples of this strategy is Fed Ex's web site. They don't have a product to sell online but their customer service site is so effective that they save millions of dollars every year.

Key #2 - Use your best resource - your customers
When you make your customers part of the process by soliciting their input, you'll build a sense of community with them. It is surprising how much valuable information and content they are willing to supply.

Key #3 - Keep your content dynamic
Keep buyers coming back again and again with fresh, interesting content. Get them hooked on your frequently changing features or your newsy updates. They'll come for content but they'll stay for more.

Key #4 - Be the expert
Establish yourself as the expert in your field. Have well-researched information on your site. Make sure that any media mentions of your products or employees are featured prominently. Let people know that you are the one to come to when they're looking online.

Key #5 - Create a unifying theme
Choose an icon, a style or even a catch phrase to weave through your web site pages. Surfers will enjoy the whimsy and stay a moment or two longer, and on the Internet every second counts.

Key #6 - Get to the point!
Nobody online wants yada yada yada. Keep your prose succinct and casual. A little humor never hurts, either.

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