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Proposals for Web Sites (RFPs)

A poorly conceived and planned web site can become a financial sinkhole. Requests For Proposals (RFPs) are one way to avoid this difficulty. An RFP is an outline of the web site as you envision it which is sent to developers to solicit proposals.

Planning - Look at your product and target your audience carefully. Plan your web site around your audience, following the design tips provided in our key tips section. Being detailed gives the developer a good insight into what you are looking for. But don't go overboard; the business environment is constantly changing and so will your web site plan.

Budget - Include one in your RFP. Otherwise, it is impossible for the developer to create a realistic proposal. Without the money, it's all pie-in-the-sky.

Building in phases - RFPs lend themselves to segmentation. It can be easier to get funding for several small projects that yield results as you go than for the development cycle all at once.

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Click here for our "Insiders Guide to Writing a RFP".

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