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In this era of Internet commerce, the services we offer add not only advantages-they may be critical to your business's survival. We go far beyond our competition, who may only sell Web sites with little or no marketing savvy and customized development.

When you decide to meet with someone from i-Commerce Solutions for your initial FREE "Strategy Session", we will first provide a valuable analysis of your business needs that can best be accomplished with a Web site.

  • We help you identify business objectives and problems a Web site can address, and clarify expectations of what the site will provide to your customers.
  • Who your customers are, and who the site's audience will be is another important topic we'll explore, as we begin to get some ideas for your site's "look and feel."
  • We may start to define the site architecture and tie that structure into your business goals.
  • We will have lots of questions about your company, how you do business, and about your business's expectations and plans for growth.
  • We will discuss the resources (human and technological) that your business can commit to building and maintaining the site and a development timeline and budget.

We will all be feeling each other out, and seeing if it makes sense for us to work together to take on this important project. Whether we decide to work together or not, you will certainly benefit from the time we spend together. In fact, most folks we sit down with for a Strategy Session think of several other people they would have liked to share our time with, and want to introduce us to them. If that is true for you, we will make you happy that you recommended us to them.

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