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From: Brandon_H Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 7:14 PM
To: johnchamberlin@i-commercesolutions.com
Subject: When you were offline (via HumanClick)

I need help figuring out how to make an image have text appear on it. Kinda like a movie but not really. This is what I'm talking about, it's at this webpage.-


Its the picture with the trees in the back round and then it has a certain saying appear. How do I do that on HTML.

Hi Brandon,

There are two ways to do this, one is Macromedia Flash that allows you to use layers that contain the graphics and layers that use text. Each can be placed on a time line and can have many attributes such as opacity, scale, location and so on.

The other techniques uses dynamic html or dhtml. Are you using a coding program such as Dreamweaver or Hot Site?


Hi John,

Yes, I know I have a virus, I have been getting e-mail from people I didn't even know were in my Address Book and my system has slowed to a crawl. What should I do?

Don Shingler
The Down Factory
Seattle, WA

Hi Don,

This is the service that I have found best to protect your system from viruses. What I like best is that updates are installed as soon as they are released, so you protection does not get obsolete.

Go to McAfee.com Clinic by cliking this link to Virus Scan Online service. They will charge you about $39 for a full year of protection. After you sign up, you will almost right away get an email message from them for the link to install the software on your system. Once it is installed you will find a red circle with a white M on your start bar at the bottom of the screen. Click it with the RIGHT mouse button and select Virus Scan online and then scan and it will connect you to a page on the Mcafee web site that manages the scan operation.

If you have viruses they will show up as a file name of the infected file and which virus has caused the infection. Once the scan is complete you can select each file and hit a CLEAN button at the bottom of the window. If you know that you do not need the file you can also delete it from the same place. Once the file is cleaned you don't really need to delete it, so if you do not know what the file is it is best not to delete it, in case it is a needed system file.

You will also be asked to schedule the time you want the program to check for updates. At the specified time the program will launch Explorer and check for updates and tell you what you will need to do to install them. That way you are protected from new viruses as soon as the protection was available. A great advantage.

Yesterday I helped another client who had six different viruses in eleven documents. This program was able to clean her system.

Good Luck Don.



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